Friday, September 30, 2005

La Nuit Blanche

Tomorrow is 'la nuit blanche' here in Paris. Another crazy idea from lefty, homoey, radically, trendy maire of the city, Bertrand Delanoë. But quite cool if we can afford it.

The idea is that a bunch of strange 'installations' are set up in the city, in various courtyards and enclosures not usually open to the public. Hence, we have the double delight of seeing a hidden place plus unusual items in situ.

Last year I wandered around with recent ex Sophie and took the shots you can see here, which give you a taste of what you're in for. The one above is a building beautifully illuminated from within by multicoloured lights.

The one on the right here is my ex, Sophie, plus some of her friends walking on ahead of me for a wonderfully atmospheric pic, which I treated on the computer. It's a very sad one for me now.

Let's see what they come up with this year...

'Nuit blanche' means a night where you don't sleep and I can't even remember if there is an equivalent in English, I've been here so long - let me know if you do!

love, Sab

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painterinparis said...

Hi Sab Actually, I'll be working in a gallery/boutique space on Sunday after 1:00 or so. It's in Montmartre at 26 rue Tholoze, the street that goes up to Moulin de la Galette. Stop by if you can! I'm working on more distortion paintings now. Would like to have a whole series for a show the end of November. Where are you from? Bring some pictures of your work if you can. I may be there this afternoon but can't be sure. Depends how lazy I feel. Look forward to meeting you, Linda


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