Friday, October 14, 2005

Down & Out in Paris, France

Just had a great idea for a new theme in my photos section - homelessness. Well, ok, it's not exactly original, I know, but what the hell, it's a topic, it's there, it's very very there, every day, when people come into the metro in various states of undress and distress, pleading their cause.

And I've got a few pics already which could comfortably fit into that category, and my greatest worry is that one day I'll be looking at a photo of a homeless guy and I'll realise it's me... my ghosts continue to haunt me...

Check out the beautiful Parisian architecture, the beautiful, hurrying people, sheltering from the nasty rain, and the unbeautiful, unhurrying tramp, like a designer's bracket, holding the whole thing up, as society threatens to collapse around us.

Sometimes when I'm walking around I'm struck by the perverted beauty of sad, sick situations. And I am aware of how close I am to being the subject of my own bitter-sweet compositions. I never forget that, and it grounds me.

I am that guy. The one on the right. The one propping up the arches. I'm no better than he is. I just drew a longer straw.


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