Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Flower Power vs Leaves on Fire

Just discovered another cute little alley just round the corner from where I live. These hidden away blasts from the past tend to be called 'cities' or 'villas' and are often narrow and cobble-stoned, lined with sweet little houses from another era it's hard to believe ever existed in the Paris we know today.

They are often easy to miss, their entrances tucked in between a couple of average-looking building with just a touch of unusual greenery hinting at their presence.

I often wonder who lives in these places, whether it's little old ladies hanging on to their relics of the past, or trendy artists with ponytails and paint-stained fingernails. I sometimes wonder if I will ever be able to live in such a haven in the midst of the city I love.

Went looking for the dog-bakery woman again today, and although the shop was open this time, she was doing a TV interview so couldn't meet me. The shop's a wonderful place though, so I hope I'll be able to do an interview soon. Doggy bakery, I ask you! They even seemed to have pooch colognes and the most ridiculous sort of 'turn your dog into a pig' bright pink overcoat thing - I HAVE to take a picture of it, you won't believe it.

Apart from that, some kids were throwing sticks and bits of soggy paper at me yesterday when I was sitting reading in the picturesque square I was in and I lost my patience the second time and suddenly jumped up from my bench and went tearing after them and gave them an absolute scare, I can tell you! But I was mad. Little brats. Must be why I teach them. Nine hours tomorrow. Nine! Still, it's only once a week and of course I am fond of my students - I'm only kidding when I say they sometimes drive me NUTS!!!

And then a teaching book proposal is looking good, and I discussed a potential new web site with a French guy, so all of that's looking good, although 'she' didn't call again. That's life.



Anonymous said...

Teaching kids.. Hmmm ?? Try adults . They can really drive you NUTS !!!


Paris Set Me Free said...

I've taught adults in the past, for years in fact, and on balance I prefer them but it's not the same thing - you get different things from both, but I'm getting pretty fed up with baby-sitting my really young ones!

dev said...

nice blog sab - although I feel like I've walked in half way through the movie. What is the name of this cute alley ?

Yes Alaska - blogs (esp paris blogs) are much better than newspapers. There's too much in this world I don't want to know about b/c I can't do much about it except donate money....

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Dev, the movie you've walked into half way through is called 'My Life'! Thanks for your nice comment - Sab

Anonymous said...

I don't each anymore but it was very rewarding when I did. Of course there are always those days... or those students...

Looking forward to next pictures !!!



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