Monday, October 17, 2005

I Feel For You Blues

There's a guy out there, a French guy I think, who takes a picture of the Eiffel Tower every day, and posts it up on some sad little blog somewhere just so people can say, oh, hey, there's the Eiffel Tower again. Looking... pretty similar to yesterday, if I'm not mistaken.

Now, what can be the reasoning behind this artistic endeavour, this obscure obsession, I wonder. What does he see in that strange sculpture, that inspires him to whip his camera out, day in, day out, and capture what doesn't change very much, really.

Perhaps it's the thrill of the immediate, the fact that it's today's picture, that he has somehow touched a piece of Paris this day, and is sharing something current with the world.

Could it be that for him this stern iron lady is Paris, no more or no less? And so stern? With legs astride, if not arms akimbo, not so lady-like one might say.

Maybe he's proposed at the very top, maybe he's said 'will you marry me' to an exotic love as fireworks exploded at midnight to welcome the year 2000. Maybe he gazes at it from his window, sparkling every night, mocking his little life.

Maybe he's got nothing better to do with his time! Maybe he's a nutter. Maybe he's a nice guy. This Parisian guy, who certainly isn't me, so don't get any funny ideas! If I find the address again I'll post it here.

In any case, enjoy my latest photo... the view from my window, as it happens.



Anonymous said...

I found your blog from the picture a day blog you commeted on... Glad I did. you live in my favorite city in the world...


Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi - amazing to have a reader in Alaska, if that isn't just your name! I love Paris and I'm addicted to sharing it with the world in all its glory and sometimes twisted beauty. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm in Alaska !!! I just read your blog . All of it .. Great pictures.. I come to Paris at least once a year and I just can't get enough of it. I'm always looking for blogs from there.


dev said...

I just found your blog too. Very nice. I'm going to finish reading it now...with my morning tea (I've stopped reading the newspaper)

Anonymous said...

dev- Much more relaxing isn't it ??? Reading the blogs ...



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