Monday, October 17, 2005

I Fell For You

In a cruel attempt to show you that creative shots of the Eiffel Tower can go further than you lying on your back taking your boyfriend or girlfriend cutely pretending to hold it between their fingers like it was a little keyring (wow, I'm feeling bitter tonight!), here is the first in a series of pics where I try to do just that. May succeed, may fail. That's all part of the challenge. You decide, and let me know. Here's a poem.

Me An' Eiffel

I'm calling you from Paris
All the world looks up to me
We've come this far
Me an' Eiffel
Can we get much higher
Make it over the bar
With little fuss

I'm crying out from Paris
In this capital of lust
I feel you push
Me an' I fall
Through the safety wire
To crash on crazy paving
Sidewalk weeps

We're signalling from Paris
As the world around us turns
Your pearly gaze gives
Me an eyeful
Starry daze we laze
Past towering ambitions
And sky-churning
Lesser thoughts

I'm pushing out from Paris
Don't know what's got into me
But the capital gains most
Me an' I fool
Just about everyone
With phallic fancy
Gallic gall aghast
My big gun thrust



hagfish said...

"Your pearly gaze gives
Me an eyeful"

I like this...very good. You get a big star.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Wow - a gold one? Thanks :-)


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