Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Man Who Makes The Carrot Birds

Unassuming, gently sitting, bag of vegetables by his side, in the middle of a busy street in Paris, an Asian man makes birds out of carrots. Beautiful birds. Birds which could sing for you, if you had ears to hear them.

Carrot birds, I drop something into his hat, to thank him for this picture, and he stops his art, momentarily, calmly, unassuming, and bows, beautifully, not looking up, inclines gently, his humble way has touched my heart and why I cry as I write this I don't know, but the man with the carrot birds is carving, lost in his crazy part of a street in Paris, chink of a lazy coin, calmly, unassuming, inclines gently, carves his carrot birds, and I'm watching, waiting wildly for a sign.


1 comment:

hagfish said...

You are killing me softly. Thank you for your brilliance.


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