Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Night Approaches...

But for now it's only breakfast time! Well, officially lunchtime, but for us sleepy heads! Here in Paris it's a bright if overcast day, and I've been doing a bit of painting late into the night and it's quite a revelation to see the results in the day time. A bit worrying coz the paint has come out rather opaque whereas I was looking for depth and transparency, but I think it'll be ok. I'll have to post some pics of me painting here for fun soon!

In the meantime, here are some more pics of last year's Nuit Blanche - hope you like them! Above we have me being, well, silly, in front of a giant peach-coloured teacup - well, what else could I do?!

Here we had an absolutely stunning transparent sort of horse of Troy in a classic internal courtyard. How the French imagine such things - the horse and the idea to have the 'nuits blanches' is beyond me. I love the way they use their classic architecture as a backdrop for some very unclassical events.

And finally here is a shadowy alien person passing in front of what can only be described as an enormous white blob. His/her/its spaceship, maybe?

Such is Paris on the nuit blanche, and I'm hopeful for more of the same tonight. Hope you'll be joining me for more wonders of Paris. Wrap up warm, pop into a cafe from time to time for a drink, and don't worry - there are night buses all night to get you home safe and sound at whatever hour you decide to leave - see you there!


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Maria said...

hola Sab. Es super tu blogger, es genial el tema del que hablas desde Paris.Pienso que todo tiene un fin y posiblemente el tuyo es hacer nuevos amigos?
Now i need to speack english with you. can you help me with english lesson please? tomorrow nigth?


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