Sunday, October 02, 2005

Nuit Noire

Big disappointment, folks. BIG disappointment. Rushed home after nice evening out with lady in cool arabic cafe with people smoking those weird pipes and then a mexican restaurant. Until then, fine. Quickly printed out the suggested itineries for 'la nuit blanche' which I had cleverly forgotton to do earlier, and headed back into the centre.

Got off at Gare d'Austerlitz, as it seemed that there was an interesting series of light shows starting there. Walked the route. Nothing. Zilch. Que dalle!

Eventually found a rather sad film projection on the side of a building somewhere near St. Paul of what seemed to be a naked Japanese man running rather desperately through some sort of barren industrial landscape. Believe it's called experimental existentialism. You only get the industrial bit in my pic. Sorry girls. Nice butt tho'... take my word for it.

Next I found a big queue to get into what I glimpsed to be a not-very-riveting series of static projections inside the 4th arrondissement's town hall. Gave it a miss.

Then came the 'Hotel de Ville' of Paris. Again, not too impressed. Couple of screens, lots of people, not much going on. Fountains nice though.

After that I passed the Pompidou Centre which seemed dead and snaked my way through the crowds to Les Halles, where apparently there were several things going on.

The crowds were a bit scary though. Found a kinda eerie white vibrating sound blob thang, but there were too many dodgy guys milling around for me to take its pic.

Then discovered a kinda experiential noise/light extravaganza, for want of a better expression, with people swaying either in some sort of trance or desperately trying to stay awake and not fall over in the process.

Passed a kinda spooky blue sky piercing light blob thang, so uninteresting that I had no qualms about taking a photo or two.

Then, to be honest, as I wound my weary way home, things actually got more interesting. I'll carry on later.

Your despondent Parisian correspondent,


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the Paris 'nuits blanches' was a disappointment for you. But you still managed to take some awesome photos, as usual. Keep going, it keeps me going!
Rachel, Perth, Australia

Anonymous said...

Sab, I like your pictures and words a lot. I dream of going to Paris one day, and your blog helps me believe that it could come true. Can I ask you a favour? Can you talk more about your photos? I want to know how you take them and what you think about when you line them up and click the button. I am a keen photographer and want to improve my technique. I'm never satisfied with the results, even if my friends say they like my work.

Please please keep your blog going!
luv Samantha from Quebec

linda said...

Hey Sab
Ah, La Nuit Blanche! This year, I decided to skip it and am glad I did after your rave review. Cold, rain, too many people, not enough buses. I always get disappointed.Instead, I hung out in the gallery painting with all the Nuit Blanchers passing by. Friends on a trek to Sacre Coeur stopped by to help me drink some wine. Much more satisfying. I like looking at you pictures though.
I'm at the gallery now until 6 or so. My email is


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