Friday, October 07, 2005

Sax Appeal - Paris Behind Bars Series

Saw my lovely Syrian friend after my lesson tonight - hadn't seen her since before the summer, so that was cool.

I introduced her to the crazy world called Shakespeare & Company because I wanted to put up some of my leaflets to advertise my Lazy Pig Millionaires Club and my latest wild idea - to run photography and writing masterclasses in Paris.

I'm so excited about this idea right now. To spend a whole day with a group of people passionate about Paris and photography or writing, helping them to unleash their creativity and move up a notch or two, or just have a great, inspiring day with some other like-minded enthusiasts. I really hope it takes off.

I've put two parallel ads in the legendary FUSAC on the same topics, so I'm hoping something's gonna come through for me on this one. It could be the beginning of something big, and my life is certainly changing radically in different ways, and I feel it's a Good Thing. Not standing still. Moving on. Doing my best not to look back.

Good news from my publisher contact - they're currently considering my proposals for teacher's resource books to see which one to run with. That's looking good, and the idea of earning some dough without having to hoist my big fat behind from this very chair does appeal to me, I must admit.

I bought a magazine today to read an article all about why businesses should have a blog, and on Monday I'm having lunch with a Lazy Pig Millionaires Club contact that I'm going to discuss the topic more with. I've got no idea what I'm doing here really - just throwing pics and thoughts out there wondering if they'll stick anywhere. It's fun though. Any excuse to rave about Paris and my life here is good enough for me.

Well, I'm getting back to the interview transcription process for a while. More later after a quick glimpse at the top of the Eiffel Tower sparkling from my window - I wanted to take a pic of it to show you what I can see, but I'm too late - it stops after the 1 a.m. show, and I'm way after that, I can tell you. I don't have the best view of it in the world but for me it's priceless! I'll show you it soon.

Sab - Paris Set Me Free


squashing said...

What was the magazine that had the blog article called?

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi, the mag is a French one called 'L'Entreprise' and it was the October 2005 edition. So if you're not in France it might be a bit difficult to get hold of it.

The address of the web site is: but you have to have a subscription (and speak French!) to read it...


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