Monday, October 03, 2005

Strangest of Things...

If I cast my mind back 15 years, I was walking this same route, these same streets, as a young would be photographer, on a romantic weekend in Paris.

My girlfriend of the time, a girl called Claire, had treated me to my first visit to the French capital so what did I do but drag myself out of bed at around 5 a.m., heart all-a-flutter, to go and photograph sunrise over the Eiffel Tower. Or under it.

I remember it was chilly, but my excitement made me oblivious to all that. God, she was understanding. Forget warm croissants and kisses in bed. Think stoopid boyfriend abandonning her in the middle of the night to go and take naughty photos of his other lady love... Lady Eiffel!

Well to cut that long story short I waited for about three hours before the sun finally rose in all its blinding glory right between her legs (the Eiffel Tower I'm talking about, remember). Slight miscalculation or what!

And here I am again off in the morning to photograph, not the sunrise this time, but an eclipse. And I end up being about two hours too early again. How do I do it? I think I messed up the time difference between the site where I read about it and Paris time. Oh well, and then it was totally unphotographable - sun too bright, camera too crap, and this would-be pro hadn't even brought a light filter to calm things down a bit - pathetic. So you'll have to make do with what you see here, the only nod towards the event being a cresent-shaped light reflection from one of the lens elements, which is quite cool, nevertheless. Not a brilliant outing, but at least I got something, from the Trocadero gardens, with some rather chilly-looking statues solemnly witnessing the event.

Grabbed a final image on the way home, which for some reason reminded me of a book that I'd read as a kid called 'Fattypoofs and Thinifers', which was funny. People are funny, aren't they? She must be half the size of him. Or is it the other way round? And who cares? Really, who cares? Not me. I don't care about anything much right now. Except my bed. It's been quite a long day. Sorting out someone's money problems. Interviewing the delightful manager of legendary Shakespeare & Co. bookshop. Teaching bilingual kids. Hosting an entrepreneurs meetings. And now this! Will it never end... a good day for once.



magpie said...

does a bird really talk an understandable language? if so, then i am saying, understandably so, that you amaze me.......


Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks Maggles! Lovely comment, but why I actually amaze you is somewhat beyond me - amazingly stoopid, perhaps ;-) Keep on reading anyway, there's plenty more tripe where that came from xxx


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