Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dark Days

One of my darkest postings. Although most of them are dark, to be honest.

I was trawling through Paris, just after yet another breakup, and looking for dark dark things, and I found them, as witnessed here, as dark as I could possibly make them. Drains and darklings, sinister grills, spooky fan vents, greasy stills. Feel the grimy grungy underworld, of my unrepenting soul. Of my unrelenting whole. Of my badly missed home goal, I'm just venting... and talking of vents, Paris is great for that. I was very impressed by her! She's done me proud.

Ex-wife asked me to delete her from all my sites yesterday. Have done. Will be done. Somewhat cutting, somewhat sad. But necessary. Surely.

1 comment:

dev said...

this is no place for a hobbit.

nice pictures of the drains...almost like a movie.


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