Monday, November 14, 2005

Left To Your Imagination

Here's a nude - a beautiful, gorgeous, fresh young body, so lovely, in all her innocence and voluptuousness.

How I love those hands, so soft and tender, how I love that star she makes with her legs and her feet and her arms and her hands.

How I love her calves, that most fabulously fleshy part of the body that feels so wonderful, so sweet and so so right in my hands as I caress her with my eyes, with my lens, how I love this image, how I love her.


Un habitant du fleuve said...

Beautiful picture.
J'essaie en anglais, mais je suis trop nul, ça marchera pas.
Très belle image... décidément il est agréable de commencer la journée en passant par ici...


Paris Set Me Free said...

Merci, M. Fleuve - tes commentaires me touchent. Il faut continuer - c'est tout.


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