Sunday, November 20, 2005

Night Sights & Street Lights

Another late night ramble through the dripping Paris backwaters. Every now and then you stumble across little families of fixtures; groups of supposedly sleeping objects you would swear were watching you carefully.

As with drain covers rubbing shoulders with pavement curbs and litter bins. I feel you.

As with peeling pipes vying for wall space with drab electricity junction boxes and smart enamel street plaques. I feel you.

As here, where a group of street signs and eerie viridian lamps are having a nocturnal chat, policed by the smart white-capped poles and watched over silently by slightly swaying trees... I feel you...

What do they make of this shadowy passerby, made up of so many contrasting crutches, all swinging and clutching, beer cans and cameras..?

What do they make of this drifting chimera, made up of twitches and traits, dragging five black bags of memories, eyes roaming up down and here and there, contantly shifting, everywhere feet shuffling through the autumn leaves sogging, shoes splashing in puddles of yesterday's folly..?

Ask the trees.

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