Saturday, November 26, 2005

Not Getting Better

Count these damn things, will you, as they fall down, year after year, what's the point, I ask you?! Not much, that I can see. Except to make pretty pictures.

These leaves...

I wanted someone to stroll past, but I missed her, I was just a couple of seconds too late. As Jack White says just before he bleeds his live version of 'Jolene': "Different place altogether? I'm in the right place at the wrong time? That's how I feel every day..!" And I know exactly how he feels.

This picture can in fact be defined by an absence. An absence of someone who would make it complete. The very fact that there is no sign of human life in this shot makes it all the more human, but all the more tragic.

We watch leaves falling every day, but how often do we associate them with our own destiny..? - the fact that we are doomed to fail. And fall. Everything that we live for can be resumed in this picture - the absense of meaning, the tumbling flakes of life, the drain cover, sucking in sweet soggy cinders, the harsh city street, unforgiving, gleaming and gleaning its ounces of reflected, invected chlorophylled moments of longing, I'm waiting for you, with my lens, and me, and above all, me...


Michael said...

A great photo Sab. I had to look closely to see if it was the same path I take every morning (it's not), but I look at the leaves each day like this. By the way, what is "vertiginous parallelograms" you mention on Paris Daily Photo?

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks for the comment Michael. I can't tell you if it's the same street you walk down every morning, not being you, but I can confirm that it IS a street near me which I don't take every day, but which I did happen to take yesterday evening, amongst the falling leave and dripping lampposts. It's more or less chez moi.

'Vertiginous parallelograms'? Did I mention that? O my goodness, I'd have to do some research to find out what I was actually talking about, but I suppose there must have been some 'vertiginous parallellograms' floating around somewhere or I wouldn't have mentioned them. Work it out for your self - that's all part of the fun, isn't it?!

Tomate Farcie said...

I like the picture too.


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