Friday, November 25, 2005

Shadow Stalking

Imagine sneaking up on your own shadow and spookily tapping it on the shoulder, now wouldn't that be a thing?! Do you think it would jump out of its... whatever it is that shadows jump out of?

That's what seems to be happening here in this gritty, grungy, grimy image I shot about an hour ago, although I've actually got a shadow creaping up on another shadow here, and both of them belong to me! Curiouser and curiouser...

What a lot of really great words begin with 'gr'. I've just spent a very happy five minutes perusing that very section of my faithful Concise Oxford Dictionary. So your homework (don't groan!) is to write a sentence with as many words beginning with 'gr' in it as possible.

Do you see now what fun us English teachers have..?

Watch your shadow. It is not of this world...



Mdx said...

Grainy grays gravitate grotesquely ground-ward; groggy, gregarious, grandly gratuitous groping grandparents.

Mdx said...

Very odd this one with 2 shadows.


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