Friday, November 25, 2005

Sparks of Imagination

Paris parks - one of the major reasons I love this city. And with a bit of cheekiness and a bit of modern technology after the facts, I offer you this little bit of cheerfulness pulled from the dreary greyness of a very uncheery day.

Beautiful oases of tranquility, to repeat a well-deserved cliche, there is always a reason to check out from the city for a while and let your thoughts wander.

I am always wondering how to take original shots of classic monuments like the Eiffel Tower, or in this case the Paris parks which have been photographed so often before. Just to raise your camera to your eye is to instantly become a living characature of a million million tourists. What can you do to make your shots different from all those others?

Well, it's funny, but the answer is remarkably simple... what do you think it could be?

1 comment:

Ham said...

For me, it's -look at it differently- Doesn't always work, but it makes me feel better. And, sometimes, yoou must take the tourist photo. The best example of that is in the gardens at Giverny. I tried other things, but to do it properly you would have to go back on successive days, as if you were painting.


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