Saturday, December 17, 2005

The BNP Gets Weezbeed

Famous French film director Luc Besson, who did Subway, Nikita, Le Grand Bleu, Leon (one of my fav films of all time), The Fifth Element, Joan of Arc, etc. is also an author.

He's created this marvelous universe of the very small in beautifully illustrated comic-type books of the kind the French are obsessed with. These little characters are only about two millimetres tall and they live in among the grass roots where we can't even see them but they have all the usual trials and tribulations like the rest of us.

So anyway, this book is being converted into a half-animated, half-real film for next christmas but the publicity for it starts NOW!

And look what they've done to the sponsoring bank, BNP! In fact about three branches have been 'taken over' in this way, with enormous plastercasts reducing the bank and its customers to the size and significance of the mini-characters in the stories.

It's a great sight to see, and certainly cheers up a very chilly December day here in the capital. Check out the letter box in this shot - wouldn't you love to post your mail here?!

Or take your money out of a machine whilst being dwarfed by some sort of giant flower.

I'm not quite sure what part the bloopy kinda characters play - maybe they're animated rocks or mud or something.

But I did read on the sponsor's site that even in this world of the tiny, there are evil ogres otherwise know as property developers who are threatening to build a hyper-lawn by-path or something right over the little creatures' homes, thus threatening to destroy them forever. Anyway, that's all for later next year when I'm sure we'll be seeing even more about what we can't actually see at all - the film is called 'Weezbee' I believe.

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