Friday, December 09, 2005

The Girl with Sky in Her Eyes

Paris streets are bountiful

Slow ye down, take a look

Look at me

See what I see

Si si

See what eye sea

Bathe in boulevards of bliss

© Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free 2005


Eric said...

Hello Sab,

Sorry to come back to you so late, I am overwhelmed at the moment. Tell me, was your photographs evening at Shakespeare & Company this past Wednesday or will it take place next Wednesday?

Anyway it'll be a pleasure to have a coffee with you, I just need to find some time!! Are in Paris between Christmas and new year's eve? Please use prferably my email eric at

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Eric and all! The photography evening is at the legendary Shakespeare & Company book shop, upstairs in the library every Wednesday at 20h15.

The idea is that people can bring along their photos (if they want) to be discussed and to pick up some useful hints and tips to improve their photography.

Everyone's welcome and it's free - it's just for fun and interest in photography and Paris!

So feel free, anyone, to come along and meet up. Contact me at for more details.


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