Saturday, December 17, 2005

Is This Christmassy, Or What?

A huge inflatable snowman swaying slightly outside a restaurant.

A tree with shiny balls and glittery tinsel appearing suddenly next to the lift in my building's lobby.

Lights strung up above the street and illuminated words such as 'Rue de Commerce' and 'Joyeuses Fêtes' brightening up the sky.

Shop windows covered in white powder and Monoprix opening on Sundays.

A nip in the air and wooly hats and scarves everywhere.

Big bright shopping bags taking over the metro.

Whiskey advertisements taking over the walls.

Homeless heaps of human trash sleeping on metal grids in the middle of the street trying to absorb some of the warm air spewing up from the bowels of the city.

People hurrying on by, trying to beat closing time.

Looks like Christmas is upon us again.

© Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free 2005

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dev said...

i like the third picture..did you wait for the green "walk" symbol before clicking ?

Paris Set Me Free said...

I don't see anything particularly symbolic in the green man, even if I'd like to! Yes, I did wait for the green man, but it could have been a red one! The choice was between a green man and two red lights, or a red man and two green lights, and the little green man spoke to me more! God knows why!

dev said...

spoke to me too. I would have waited for green.

Paris Set Me Free said...

And Dev, of course the little green man echos almost perfectly the poise of the snowman, and also, a big green blob at the top of the picture would have been distracting, I reckon! Happy viewing from Paris!

Crystal said...

Looks like something that would only be found in America! ;-)


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