Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Japanese Wedding

Frail ghosts are drifting through the trees,

In the foreign Fields of Mars...

Slender ladies, draped in alabaster,

Powdered proud and pampered pure,

All the way from the sun of the sinking land.

And Dame Eiffel just glows benign, demure,

Wanly smiling down

On shrieking laughs,

On wide wide grins,

The five white brides are flying

High tonight. Five wild swans

Are crying silent,

Rainbow wings are clipped,

Adorning shiny bonnets,

Limousine forlornly flits

And fades into

The milling crowd,


Strung out...

Magic moment,

Paris wedding,

Just the five of us;

Five snowy swans,

Soaring through the trees,

In the foreign Fields of Mars.

Once upon a lifetime,

Day of days,

Never to be

Forgotten, like a fallen lotus leaf

The weeping willow shudders,

Winter's settling in

The birds are folding up their wings

And bedding down for night

While empty champagne bottles

Clink against each other

Line the gutter. Autumn's clutter

Ravens, having a field day

Dodging cars and cawing,

Squabbling scraps and clawing

Empty Fields of Mars,

As the mavens hum and haw

About the unlikely return

Of five immaculate fawns,

That miracle sight;

Snowy swans in flight...

Just the five of us

That graced the fickle Fields of Mars

On a fey December night.

© Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free 2005
sab@parissetmefree.com http://www.parissetmefree.com


Un habitant du fleuve said...

Toujours de bien belles images et des ambiances parisienne fort intéressantes.
(bien, l'idée de l'horloge sur le côté... j'ai repris le principe).


Moi je n'ai plus trop le temps pour m'occuper de mon semblant de blog...

Paris Set Me Free said...

Tu devrais trouver le temps! Allez, courage, et a bientot aux bords de la Seine! Tu lui manques!! :-)

Ask About Down said...

I have been thumbing through the net for awhile and it feels similar to chasing rainbows to discover answers. Finally, some progress in finding your blog. I especially enjoyed your most recent post.

Wishing you the best of luck,
comforter down luxury

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi "Ask About Down" - I very much appreciated your comment - honestly, words like that make it all worth while in the end - Thank YOU!

But flummoxed about the 'Down' fetish thing, though... Well, I guess you know what that's all about... ;-) - Sab


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