Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year Paris Photo Quiz - Part 2

See Part 1 for entry details.

Please DON'T GIVE THE ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS BOX!!! General comments only here please!

Send your answers to me at: with 'Photo Quiz' in the subject please. And please just send one e-mail summarising your guesses for all six pics, or my in-box will get indigestion ;-)

Photo Number 2: Say what you think it is, and you get an extra half point if you know where it is, roughly!

© Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free 2005


Leigh said...

Hi Sab - what an awesome blog! Paris is a wonderful city, and I had the pleasure of studying there awhile back. Your beautiful pics bring back so many memories! Thank you for sharing!

PS- I have a few books from Shakespeare & CO., all stamped with the logo :)

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Leigh, and thanks for your lovely comment! I'm glad you like the pics of Paris as much as I do.Why don't you come back here some day?! Paris is waiting for you!!!

Good for you having books with the Shakespeare and Company stamp in them. It says something like 'Literary Ground Zero' or something, doesn't it? Good luck with the surfing and I hope your hand's ok now! - Sab :-)


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