Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year Paris Photo Quiz - Tie-Breaker!!!

See Part 1 for entry details.

Please DON'T GIVE THE ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS BOX!!! General comments only here please!

Send your answers to me at: with 'Photo Quiz' in the subject please. And please just send one e-mail summarising your guesses for all six pics, or my in-box will get indigestion ;-)

OK, I couldn't resist... just one more photo to really separate the wheat from the chaff! Let's call it a tie-breaker and you have the added pleasure of seeing your moody Paris chronicler in this shot!!! Orange shirt - enjoy!

Final Photo! OK, just tell me where this not insignificant 'Paris' actually is. That's all!

© Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free 2005


Tomate Farcie said...

I have no idea where this picture was taken but I totally love it, especially with the guy sitting on the R. :)

Pat said...

I know, I know where this is! :-)

I sent in an email with my guesses on all of them, although some I did not know. So, I may just get the tie breaker correct! LOL

francofile said...

You stumped me on some of these. But Paris doesn't rest on its laurels and one has to keep up, so thanks for setting up this little exercise.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Tomate: I'm glad you love pics of Paris as much as I do! And no! You should love the guy in the orange shirt digging in the dirt - it's me!!

Pat: Yes, well done, you do know where this crazy big 'Paris' is... maybe you'll win!

Francofile: Some were easy, some were tough, but in the end it's all about whether you are familiar with Paris or not. And if you don't know... then you will learn when I announce the answers (and the winners!) in a couple of weeks!

natan05 said...

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