Thursday, December 01, 2005

Paris Knows 3

The lovely thing about this lucky happenstance is the absolute contrast between humble nature and man-made monstrosity. They couldn't be more different, the rich scarlet of the leaves and the jet-black branches against the stark white of the building. The sinewey spindly curves of the twigs contrasted with the thick geometric lines of the towerblock. The frailty of this little tree completely dwarfed by this crushing concrete and metal monolith.

So it's another Red Leaf Day folks, but it was part of my snowy walk the other day - amazing how red those leaves can be. Like bloody tears.

These shots were taken in Le Village Swiss, just round the corner from my place. A strange collection of tiny antique shops and obscure galleries. The place is supposed to be some sort of Mecca for collectors, tourists and the curious, but it always seems to be deserted to me. It's a good job we have the leaves to cheer the place up.

Only one more red leaf picture coming in the next few postings, I promise!

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dev said...

Gorgeous !


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