Monday, December 19, 2005

To Lima, In Limbo

Paris behind bars has been a recurring theme in my photos, ever since I saw that desperately beautiful but doomed tiger behind the grill in that up-market boutique on the rue de Rivoli opposite the Louvre.

Now we have the World behind bars, no less. Is that Chili, Equador, Peru I see peeking out from behind the barriers?

Could it be that we are fettered by our own self-imposed narrow horizons and limited expectations?

I have fallen in love with Paris, not once, not twice, but on at least three separate occasions. I've never fallen out of love with her, but I have become disenchanted for other reasons. But the danger is that security nurtures complacency and stagnation.

I thought I could travel in my mind, limitlessly vicarious, voyaging on lofty ideals and floating on fickle notions like cigarette smoke over croissants and a coffee. I was wrong.

It is not enough.

So I shall go to Peru. To see Paris better. To find out what's been going on. Back home. To get a sense of perspective. To see where I belong.

I'll squeeze through that little opening, that window of opportunity, that fleeting envelope of possibility and land in Lima, in limbo, and let fate take me by the hand. Gently, I hope.

© Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free 2005

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Michael said...

Great photo Sab. A little too deep in the commentary for my simple mind, but I got the idea. Hang in there on the visitors...they'll come!

Paris Set Me Free said...

It's very simple! I've decided to go to Peru for a couple of weeks in February to see things from afar!! And come back and bore you to tears about it! Take care, Sab

Lily said...

Hi im Lily from Peru.
Lima its beautifull you will see....
See you on february....

Berenice said...

La belleza de Lima, y de Perú en general, no se encuentra únicamente en los hermosos paisajes naturales, los místicos restos arqueológicos o su exquisita comida (sin mencionar el Pisco). Sino mas bien, en la calidez de su gente, en las mil y un formas que encuentran para expresarse.

Deja que Lima tome tu mano, gentilmente, y dejate llevar.



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