Monday, December 05, 2005

True Love CAN Be Yours! (Part 1)

"Bags of Love"
The No.1 On-line Dating Service for Paris Bin Bags

Weekly Update of New Members - Gals (Notre Dame section)

Name: Diaphana
Age: 7 hours
Location: Quai de Montebello
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Hobbies: Being caught in car headlights with almost nothing in (naughty!)
Favourite Rubbish: Condom packets
Least Favourite Rubbish: Chewing gum
Most Attractive Characteristic: Her transparency
What She's Looking For In A Bag: Thick plastic and a good holding capacity
Diaphana says: "I'm looking for a real rubbish bag, who knows how to make a girl feel wanted and fulfilled in all senses! Don't be shy, guys, I'm waiting for you in my slinkiest sexy green outfit!"

Name: Christelle
Age: 9 hours
Location: Quai Saint Michel
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Hobbies: Watching traffic lights change (loves the green lights, especially)
Favourite Rubbish: Crisp packets (they're nice and light)
Least Favourite Rubbish: Dog turds
Most Attractive Characteristic: Very tolerant, accepts almost all detritus without complaint, except vomit
What She's Looking For In A Bag: Sensitivity and understanding
Christelle Says: "I'm looking for a modern, spontaneous guy, a bag who knows how to surprise a girl, offering me those unexpected little pieces of rubbish from time to time - I love half-eaten croissants or pains au chocolat (hint hint)!"

Name: Wispy
Age: 6 hours
Location: Notre Dame square, north-west corner
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Hobbies: Swaying in the breeze on a warm summer's day
Favourite Rubbish: Photo story magazines
Least Favourite Rubbish: Porno mags
Most Attractive Characteristic: Hopelessly romantic
What She's Looking For In A Bag: Romanticism and galantry
Wispy Says: "I'm a dreamer guys, and I wear my rubbish on my sleeve. You can see right into my silly flapping green heart - I just can't hide my feelings, so be gentle with me bags, come and sweep me off my stand, and you might just be the trash sack for me."

Name: Transparencia
Age: 5 hours
Location: Notre Dame place, south-west corner
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Hobbies: Admiring Notre Dame at night
Favourite Rubbish: Candy wrappers (my weakness!)
Least Favourite Rubbish: Cigarette butts (yuk - disgusting!)
Most Attractive Characteristic: Lines to die for!
What She's Looking For In A Bag: Charm and appreciation of beauty and the better crap in life.
Transparencia Says: "My little spot is ideally placed between Notre Dame and the Seine, with a great view of both. So I'm looking for a binliner with a real feeling for the gorgeous things around him, especially me! The only thing that's missing from my life is a big butch rubbish bag like you. Only ads with a sample item of trash attached will be answered."


Ham said...

I fancy the one in the slinky Donna Karan number, with the see through top.

Like it!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks for the comment, Ham, and you never know, maybe we can internationalise this thing - there must be heaps of lonely bags over there in London just looking for a trashy French broad to start over with ;-) Thanks for popping by! Like your London site too, by the way.


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