Monday, January 23, 2006

Christmas Is Dead: Long Live Christmas!

Only 335 days till...

OK, Soooooooo... do you wanna tell 'em or shall I?!

"It's January 21st guys... It's 2006! Christmas is HISTORY!"

But I guess with that much investment in the Nordic forestry industry they're probably obliged to keep it up for a month or two, if their awnings don't give up first!

I mean, even the dog's thinking, "What the h***?!"

And check out the guy with the umbrella... I'm not surprised that's necessary, coz if Big Ted's been stuck up there for more than a month, there sure is gonna be some serious fall out expected, and it's wise to take precautions... as our dejected passer-by proves.

"Never go out unprotected, my son!" That's what my mother always used to tell me (blatant lie), and it has served me well...

Sab [;@)]

© Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free 2006

Section Updated: Walking The Streets

1 comment:

dev said...

Got a new camera ? Sorry to hear about the old one. As for your mugger...the universe balances itself...karma...etc


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