Monday, January 16, 2006

Grim Ironies Reflected

I take the metro every day.

This guy works on the platform every night.

I step over people lying in pools of urine on my way home.

This guy thinks of his wife and kids already sleeping at home alone.

I gaze out of windows wondering what to waste my money on next.

This guy sweeps away drunk's piss in thin channels under glossy ads.

I clean the dirt from under my fingernails after boozy evenings.

This guy scrapes society's filth from under our up-turned noses.

I grip my digital camera tightly.

This guy grasps a stinking brush.

I don't have a wife or kids sleeping at home.

I take photos of guys like this.

And this guy will never know.

© Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free 2005

Section Updated: Free Wheeling

1 comment:

francofile said...

You capture the gritty feel of the metro. You remind me of the love-hate relationship I had with it while living in Paris.


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