Saturday, January 28, 2006

Handy Andy

Just me and Andy (Roddick) messing around in the Paris metro, a place we both like to hang out quite a lot. I'm in London at the moment, so trawling through the archives and rediscovering some stuff I'd forgotten about which I'm quite fond of. Actually this image which I'm apeing is one of a series in a trendy ad compaign where famous people are doing funny things to advertise Rebok or Adidas or someone. Shows how effective it was, doesn't it?!

A lot of people seem to be against the ads in the metro and everywhere, saying they are brainwashing us and stuff, but another valid point is that they theoretically keep fares down to a reasonable level, and are often quite funny or thought-provoking, as well as often being unbelievably stupid, of course.

© Sab Will / Mystic Rhythms 2005


Terri said...

Sab...So terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your camera. That has to be like losing your right hand.
I always loved the ads in the Metro.
Love your photography and sure hope you get a new "baby" soon.

Eric said...

Love this photo Sab, really love it.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Losing my camera was a bit of a blow, but my philosophy is positive; first of all, he didn't stab me into the bargain; and secondly, it's set me thinking about moving on the the next step in terms of photography, with something a little more 'pro'. Watch this space!


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