Sunday, January 15, 2006

Let The Blog Wars Commence...

The article "Guerre des blogs" (War of the blogs), on the front page of this newspaper which I snapped just round the corner from my place in the 15th reads something as follows:

"In Iran, the fighting between non-believers and followers of Islam has moved into cyberspace. Some 150 bloggers have declared an on-line jihad targetting blogs which don't respect the precepts of the Koran."

This only reflects the fact that information is power these days, and the ability to control it can result in riches, or influence, beyond usual measure.

How many of our thoughts are truly free? None of them. However independent of spirit and soul we might fancy we are, the grim fact is that our thoughts are for making sparrows' nests with, and our bodies are mere puncuations marks in a worm's short sentence of life...

Whatever way she looks at her snazzy new cell phone, that woman ain't gonna see nothin' other than what she wants to see.

And as for the shrinks for Shep (dog psychiatrists), we've had wagging weddings already, in the States, meseems to remember, so that one hardly raises a hackle.

When all's said and done, it has to be said... the world a mighty weird place, folks!

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