Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Spam This!

Love some of the shit that gets caught by my spam filter these days, you've just gotta love it...

"Show your feelings with your ever-hard buddy"
This reminded me of this cheeky statue in Pere Lachaise cemetary, having a sly, umm, well, you decide... maybe it's just the photographer who is cheeky, and all you can see is a strictly respectful and upstanding... sword hilt... hmmm...
me and my friend pissed ourselves like 10 year-olds, in any case...

"Last chance for lower rates" (sent 17 times)
Just how many last chances was that...?

"FW: New d1ploma for you"
Got one, thanks...

"What IS 0EM Software And Why D0 You Care?"
A very good question!

"Happy Holidays- You could enjoy a new Canon EOS Digital Camera on us!"
Yep. Sure... and I do need a camera too, so maybe I'll check this one out... not.

"¡»¡»¢~¡¹ ¡¹¢¡¡¹¢¡¡¹¢¡¡»¡»¡»½Ö¯à¯u¥¿¨Æ«e¤£¦¬¶O? §Ú­Ì¿ìªº¨ì! 1.68%¶Uµ¹§A¡»¡»¡»¡»¡»"
I know EXACTLY what you mean...

"Libra: Your creativity breaks the mold"
I'm a Leo... and you can't spell mould, unless you're American, which I don't think is much of an excuse, by the way... ;-)

"Impress her!"
Oh, come on, guys, you don't seriously think that I have any 'shortcomings' in that department, do you..? Who on earth could have told you that... ?

"Attract any woman now"
Look, I thought I just told you...

"Re-finance before rates skyrocket"
Refinance what, exactly? My latest extravagant multiple baguette purchase?

"increase in sexual desire"
Look... how can I put this..?

Don't I know you?

"Try this Brand new Razor thin Cell phone"
Why? I have a phone...

"All love enhancers on one portal!"
Tempting, but unlikely...


"No more Mr. Floppy..."
Right, that's IT!!!

And so it goes on...

So this has been Sab and his ever-hard buddy checking out until the next time... ;-)

© Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free 2006

Section Updated: Walking The Streets


Anonymous said...

Hey, what's this about Americans not being able to spell? I bet some of your biggest fans spell it 'mold'.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Yeah, you're right of course!!! I'm only joking - there is no 'right' way to spell words... just 'different' ways! ;-)

Pierre said...

Excellent! I just love spam this way. :-D

Anonymous said...

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