Monday, January 16, 2006

Things Are Hotting Up!

I hate to mock. I prefer more subtle means... but sometimes you've just got to laugh!

When the French use English words in their shop names, in such sadly failing attempts to appear chic or trendy or avant garde or I don't know what, I really believe they have no idea of the extent to which they fail...

In the same way as shops called 'Madmoiselle' in my local high street back in Enfield, North London, strike me as mind-numbingly naff, boutiques called 'Miss' in the heart of Paris make my stomach feel quite queasy-uneasy.

"Heat Men". Hmmm. Don't know quite what to make of this one...

Is it an incitation? Should we all get our stolen science lab bunsen burners out and start putting the hots up every non-female type we come across?

Or perhaps the message is much more subliminal and our lady friends are supposed to turn us on and then devour us... "Grrrrr", is what I say... indeed.

In any case, hot or not, they're certainly looking to shift product quickly by the looks of things, so enjoy this shot while stocks of steamy guys coming out of sultry boutiques last... ummm, not.


malisan said...

yes yes it is ridiculous !

Alethea said...

I haven't read enough to see how long you've been living in Paris, but haven't you noticed an escalation in "Soldes" over the last few years? I had the impression that 5 years ago, only up to 30% off was tolerated, up to 50% if it was the last week or stock liquidation or something of the sort...
Now you see -70% commonly. I was explaining "markup" to my son recently and the concept of the "middleman" - not to make a businessman of him, but because he wanted to know what "profit" meant. How do the shop owners know where to get their products for free, he asked? Does seem that way.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Malisan... LIFE is ridiculous!!!

Alethea... thanks so much for dropping by! Yes, I think you're right. I've been here 12+ years and I would say that 70%+ reductions is getting somewhat ridiculous, if not simply unbelievable!

I only trust these things when I can see the successive mark-downs shown on a ticket which seems feasible and looks really cheap in shops I'm familiar with!

Don't feel guilty about making your son into a businessman by the way!! It could be one of the best things you could do for him! I do run the Lazy Pig Millionaires Club - Paris Entrepreneurs Network here in Paris after all (amongst other things)!!! ;-)

It's all extremely ethical and positive, I assure you! After all, the more you have, the more you can give... right?! :-D

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Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true Ethnocentric American Ignoramus (EAI). If you were more internationally aware you'd realise that "hotting up" is a common British expression meaning "heating up" in your country.


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