Monday, February 27, 2006

Cynthia's Eyes

Cynthia's Eyes

Cynthia's Eyes

See people

Sliding by

Like lazy chords

On lost guitars


Are calling me

Don't synthisize

Cynthia's Brawling

With the breeze


The Pan Pipes ooze

With boozy ease

Emotions galling me

Losing on frosty gazes

Flying sly

Cynthia Sighs...

(Sab in Disguise...)


Anonymous said...

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Mdx said...

A month has gone by *sigh*
Sorry I don't mean to be patronizing, just miss your crazy adventures.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Yep, you´re right! It's coming back, it's coming back!!! I promise...

Something's gonna happen reeeelll soon. Thanks for the encouragement :-)


Michael said...

Where have you been Sab?

Anonymous said...

Sab are you spending much time with this very cute and beautiful girl ???? :-)))


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