Friday, February 24, 2006

Hinterland 1

I'm living

In a hinterland

Strange railings

Railing (ho ho)


But not buckling

No, not suckling


Anonymous said...

..but John, could it be?
Suckling might it be?

"WHY so pale and wan, fond lover?
Prithee, why so pale?
Will, when looking well can't move her,
Looking ill prevail?
Prithee, why so pale?"

Glad you're back, Sab! Hope you've had a good 'sejour'.


Mdx said...

Welcome back and here's to some excellent photography!

Un habitant du fleuve said...

Enfin de retour... Et toujours avec de belles images !


Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. That's the only reason I do it... quizas! (maybe! ;-)

In fact, no, the reasons are numerous, but in the end it's to touch myself, to get myself closer to whatever reality I'm experiencing at the time, and to try to introduce others to it too...

Got that? Me neither ;-)


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