Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lost Hearts

Lost Hearts

A little keyring,

lost and lonely,
how many hearts
are thrown and tossed,
embossed and reeling,
throbbing pulse
of the city... ?



Mdx said...

Someone seriously lost their keys with all that crap attached to them? I love the composition and you even got that nice building in the background.

Un habitant du fleuve said...

Il vaut mieux perdre ses clefs que perdre son cœur... ou les clefs de son cœur...

(je dis vraiment n'importe quoi...)

Belle image (comme d'habitude).

À bientôt.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Ha ha! Maddox, there's me trying to be all deep an' meaningful, and you go and spoil it all!!! Yep, they were just hanging there, waiting for someone to snap 'em up. So I did. Might be getting a new camera very soon. I'm excited!

UHDF: N'importe quoi, Habi, n'importe quoi... pourrais meme etre un de mes poemes!!!

Mdx said...

Yea I did get the sense that I was... hehehe.. good news on the camera, looking forward to the new pics. I walked down 2nd avenue In Nashville today, a beautiful day, but didn't have mine with me... maybe I'll take it to work tomorrow and grab some shots.

Anonymous said...

n importe quoi...une chanson rock et tres populaire ici au quebec....un homme qui appelle sa blonde la nuit pour entendre sa voix et dire.................n importe quoi...keep up the good work Sab-head-full-of-exciting- projects


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