Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Throwaway Paris

Having had my camera stolen recently (I did tell you about that, didn't I?) I've had to resort to drastic and desperate measure to get photos out to you...

These shots were taken on a €10 throwaway plastic thing pretending to be a camera. The overall quality wasn't good but I managed to pull some out which are just about acceptable for a computer screen showing in any case. Any more than that, such as attempting blowing them up on paper - well, I wouldn't like to guarantee the results personally.

As you can see these shots were taken near Notre Dame just before the Paris Shutterbugs Photography Group's regular weekly meeting at Shakespeare & Company bookshop.

It's a wonderful location, even if terribly touristy. Our little jaunt took us from the picturesque bridge in between the two islands on the Seine, past the cathedral, and finishing outside the bookshop itself.

There were a surprising number of interesting photo opportunities, with only the quality of the camera letting me down, not my imagination, I'm happy to say!

In fact, it was an excellent exercise to try and take 27 completely different shots on the one roll of film. Ahh, film... remember that?!

I think I did a reasonable job, but I had real problems with the view finder. It either didn't genuinely represent what would be on the film, or, for some reason, didn't show me that my finger was actually going to be photographed in front of the lens in some shots, as you can see here! I kinda like it in the end though. Shows I'm human anyway.

I haven't cropped any of the shots so that you can get an idea of what comes out of the box. I know that I thought I was going to be tighter in than actually happens. I think, in honest, that that's why my finger is in the shot of Notre Dame. That bit didn't actually show up in the view finder or you had to move your head all over the place, peering into all the corners to try and work out what you might be likely to get. That's my excuse.

You can't go wrong with Paris though, and although it was a rather grey day, the shots aren't too sad I think. We had rollerbladers jumping high in the air over a bar, and puppeteers doing strange things with wooden dolls, and homeless people and their dogs and tourists being tourists and so it goes on!

If you're ever in Paris, do come along to our meetings or photoshoots - it would be great to see you. You can find out all about it here:


See you soon in Paris!

© 2006 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Nice photo Sab!
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