Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bank on the Seine I

One of the REALLY GREAT things about Paris is that you can never predict what the hell is gonna happen next...

There we were, just strolling along by the banks of the river they call The Seine, enjoying all there is to enjoy in that simple pleasure, when we stumbled across one of those little alcovy thingies where people dance salsa of an evening.

Well, it wasn't the evening, and they weren't dancing salsa, but a lot of people were sitting down in that little echo of the 'Arenes de Lutece' seemingly waiting for some modern day equivalent of Christians to lions epic...

And sure enough, suddenly someone shouted "They're coming...!"

But WHO? we wondered...

And then slowly but surely a barge pulled up to the quay with two dramatic figures standing aloft, clad in not-so ethnic but striking none-the-less red life jackets singing in Arabic.

Amazing Arabic, which was quite appropriate really, as we were on our way to sip mint tea at the Paris Mosque...

Then the dancers started whirling and weaving and the whole thing turned into a magical experience.

Thank you, Old Mother Seine (if I may be so bold), and thank you, my Paris, for setting me free once again.

© 2006 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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