Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Beginnings, Old Friends...

Nothing too original about my dear friend, Lady Eiffel, you might be saying to yourself. But, ah HAH!!! That's where you're wrong, viewers...

Because THIS particular shot is the first ever shot I've taken on a new little baby I got myself, nothing special, but there is indeed, and at long last, a new digital camera in the hands of your roving correspondent. Until it gets swiped again.

So I thought I'd honour my greatest inspiration by making it the very first thing to grace my new electronic diodes! This is actually the view from my window, if I stretch my neck.

You'll notice something you don't often see in photos, in the second shot, which I hand-held for about half a second: the changeover of the light beams, which makes it vaguely more interesting, apart from the obviously intense emotional messages I'm sending you at this special moment in my photographic and blogging career... I've felt quite a pauper, in this rich world we live in as the most famous photographer in Paris without a camera... now I'm just another happy snapper 'with' a camera, but I'm quite happy with my new status, and I'm looking forward to supplying you with my modest little contributions on a reasonably regular basis from now on.

Watch out Eric - Sab's back in town with a loaded Canon, and he knows how to use it!!! ;-)

© 2006 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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