Friday, June 16, 2006

Milking Time

Them pesky cows are still grazing all over Paris - you must have seen them - can't miss them really - they're everywhere.

This one chewing over the much more sturdily concrete-mounted, iron steed rather enviously.

It's a resin and fibreglass cow's life, sweetheart, and it ain't no dewey meadow out there - you'd better get used to it.

Still, you can count your blessings that at least you haven't got what looks like about ten industrial strength garden tools shoved up your backside masquerading as a tail like the horse-man-thang has.

Thank heaven for small mercies...

© 2006 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

1 comment:

Larry said...

Great Photo.

I saw these cows on a recent trip to Florence. They were all over the place. It seems we have a "Mad Cow epedemic" in Europe these days.
Or is it "Mad Art"


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