Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fat Bassist

A lazy sunny Sunday afternoon on a bridge in Paris...

... and what could be more agreable, indeed, more Parisian, than to stumble across this guy, lost in music, a man and his partner, his double bass, singing like Louis Armstrong, plucking spontaneously with nonchalance - a real prize.

Technically, I didn't feel like approaching the guy, so as not to distract him, so it was taken from the other side of the bridge, a good 25-30 metres away I would say, with my digital telephoto lens at max, 200mm, (300mm equivalent in old system).

So quite a good chance of wobble setting in there but luckily the guy was facing the sinking sun behind the Eiffel Tower so there was plenty of light. Then it was just a question of making sure the background would be a bit fuzzy but still clear enough to show that it's Paris with its typical building and then... wait for the moment!

The Moment is the most important aspect of a photo I would say, when you are including animated subjects in the photo. Here I got a lot of shots but this one pleased me the most.

I could of course have got him plucking the instrument but I found his outstretched hand much more expressive, his expression almost ecstatic or celestial, and which could mean so many things... His other hand is of course holding the double bass which gives the all important contact between them.

All in all a marvelous moment in the midst of all that horrible grumbling growling traffic we can also see in the shot.

© 2006 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free
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Anonymous said...

Wow !!! back again ... Great stuff !!! I miss the city !!!



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