Tuesday, October 10, 2006

O! Those Crazy Parisians...

Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you… if you’re in Paris, it could and probably will happen, so there you go!I like to call this pic ‘Tree Head’ and it’s one of those fabulous moments which you either see or you don’t, and which actually means something or it doesn’t, when there’s the most wonderful coincidence…

Check out the guy with the ridiculous green wig, under the tree which perfectly echoes his headwear.

Technically, I’d have liked to have equal space on each side of the tree, and I had a shot with this, but there wasn’t the same interaction between the people in the pic.At least the green headed guy is nicely placed in the lower left side of the pic giving a pleasing composition.

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pascale une autre said...

J'aime beaucoup, de part et d'autre du personnage de dos, les index dressés des 2 interlocuteurs soulignant chacun son argument.En tout cas la discussion était passionnée.Ils ont du se séparer contents du moment passé ensemble (même s'ils se sont un peu engueulés).La perruque verte du larron qui semble jouer le rôle d'arbitre n'en est que plus drôle.(Sorry for the french but I am unable to write that in english)

hagfish said...

Haw! I just posted about green hair. Must be fate.


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