Sunday, April 22, 2007

Based on Experience

Musicians form an integral part of Paris street life, and the variety and quality of what you will see and hear, respectively, as you wander around is impressive.
This shot is an example of the probably well-tutored musician who just isn't making ends meet or is waiting that prestigious slot in some reasonable orchestra and suppliments his meagre income by busking. In this case the quality, at least to these uneducated ears, is lovely, and the priviledge of being able to capture such an image and enjoy beautiful live music is marvellous.
The shot isn't perfect of course, and the music isn't really free if you are like me and consider that you should at least offer something for the double sight/sound gift he is offering you, and I always throw a few coppers into the hat after taking the picture.
Technically speaking, taking shots like this is a challenge. Inevitably, the background is horrendous - people walking past, bright green litter bins overflowing with McDonalds cartons, assorted and unwanted vehicle-bits as here with the motorcycle - and you have to use your imagination to overcome these problems. The classics are throw the background out of focus, zoom in to fill the frame with the subject as much as poss (a golden rule, folks!) and move your freakin' legs (your 'other' zoom!) and get the best composition always always watching the background!
Morally speaking, does this guy actually own copyright in any way over this image if I make money out of it, or even if I don't. I'm afraid I'm a little bit fuzzy on this one, but you have to be careful about this - more on this later as I find out the facts!

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