Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blossom Girl

The beautiful thing about this picture is the marvellous contrast between the statue's curves and the strict vertical and horizontal edges of the picture frame. It's easy to forget that the format of the picture, that is to say, the edges and they way they interact with the subject, is an important creative device. While we normally restrict ourselves to the default rectangular format, nothing says you have to! But given that it's the easiest thing to use, I do try to make sure there is some sort of logic or aesthetic reason for framing the subject in a given way.

The first instinct would be to take a picture of a statue from the front. But as luck would have it the background was unpleasant so I looked for another angle, which turned out to be from behind, and I'm charmed by the result, let's admit it, she's got a fine set of buttocks!


LadyM said...

very nice derriere! your pic is just beautiful. i am longing for spring and flowers. there is still some snow on the backyard here and it is good to see colours. thanks, Sab.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Spring, as you probably know, has exploded here in Paris about two months too soon and everyone was hoping that there wouldn't be a cold snap and kill off all the early flowers and there hasn't been. But shots of an amazing storm yesterday are coming soon!


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