Monday, April 30, 2007


A not so uncommon sub-species on the capital's streets, homosacian, more bag than being, this multi-coloured plastic lump-encrusted beast roams the city's gutters and alleys, with red-shot eyes and covered in cuts , as children tug at parents' arms and are quickly dragged away...

My messing around with this pic, which I have to admit was taken in extremis, has turned out quite whacky. The kid who has just passed the bag-man seems to be holding his nose but has almost turned into a cardboard cut-out. For me it's like the three elements of the kid, his mum and the bagman have been pasted together from different pics which echoes the different universes they inhabit, only occasionally brushing up together by chance and immediately repelling each other like the same poles of magnets. That's my excuse anyway.

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