Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Wallace Moment

I'm feeling vaguely queasy as I publish this image... it's so... Paris.
But, at the same time, a great number of people spend an enormous amount of time trying to take pretty, typical pictures of the French capital that I feel I should justify it.
One can easily get far too blasé about photography. And even pretentious. When I show people around the marvels of Paris I sometimes forget that the typical, clichéd pics are exactly what will impress and delight the folks back home. So forgive me for my cynicism!!!
Photographically speaking, I was worried about this shot. I wanted the green of the classic Parisian fountain to be rich and deep, in contrast to the background, but I didn't have a point of contrast in the space necessary in front of the right-gazing statue...
But with a slight repositioning of myself (i.e. I moved my backside...) I could get the evocotive red of a typical French café's awnings into the shot, red being a superb compliment to the deep fountain green, and thought, ok, it's not so bad in the end...!


bluedenim said...

great picture!!!
of course when I arrive in paris I am going to want the typical tourist pictures but I love the idea of doing something different as well and capturing other facets.
this picture is not your typical picture much like your statue picture!

LadyM said...

did you now there is one of those in Qc City? will take a shot one of those days! yes i agree with bleudenim, this is not your typical kind of pics. are you having a rest or just letting yourself being inspired again? thanks again for sharing.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi M and BD...

Thanks for your comments - can't really add to them - just keep taking the shots and sharing - and... be original!


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