Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nothin' Goin' On...

In a very pleasant park round the back of Sacré Coeur, here's a relaxed chappy indeed. One of the nice thing about Montmartre is that despite the millions of tourists, they all (well, about 95% of them) seem to troop sheepishly around Place du Tertre (the artists' square) and of course the church. Which is fine by me, coz I can take pictures like this of the real locals relaxing or just, well, living their lives in relative calm, even if it is just a stone's throw from the masses.
The guy popped his head up just a couple of seconds after I snapped, and seemed to be looking at me suspiciously, so I didn't dare trying for a better shot. But, and this is the important thing, I did get the shot. Which allows me to re(share) two mega-secrets for getting nice pics, which I'll probably compile into an book some day which will make me ridiculously famous, but until then:
Mega Secret 1: Take lots of shots
Mega Secret 2: Take the shot
Seemingly similar but actually quite different - the first is just to increase the odds of getting a great expression or composition purely by numbers - shoot and shoot and shoot - why not? It's free on digital!
The second in essence means don't hesitate. When you see something cool but fleeting get a shot immediately - get that camera to your eye and snap. Then if the shot is still there you can try and do better, but miss the moment and it's gone forever, as we all know.


bluedenim said...

I love that tip...just take it and don't miss it....

LadyM said...

love your tip too, Sab particularly the miss the moment and it s gone forever. photography enables me to be in the here and now and i am loving it!
if you want to see pics of mine of Quebec, then go to my blog, I d be delighted to have some of your comments. i just got a new digital camera and i am having loads of fun & learning. take care. xx

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Bluedenim, thanks. LadyM, thanks for the comment - makes it all worthwhile!

I'll look at your blog with pleasure tomorrow - I look forward to seeing some of your efforts with your new camera!


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