Thursday, April 19, 2007


I love the fact that Paris never ceases to surprise me. I discovered this curiosity the other day as I was taking a lovely American couple around... well, I'll leave it to you to tell me if you can! The colour of the wall and the shutters might help you, because it's actually part of an extremely well-known little building...

Photographically speaking, I'm kinda pleased with this shot. I chose a wide aperture, as far as I can remember (which means puting the camera on aperture priority, or turning the dial to the 'Av' setting on most models), and then whizzing another rotating little wheel thing to bring the number down to about 5.6. That means that when you focus on the subject, what's nearer or further away should be nicely thrown out of focus, as you can see here is the case with the shutters behind the face and especially the leaves in the blurry leaves in the foreground.

The face was focused on by restricting the focusing system to a single point rather than the multi-point system which normally produces good results. Focus the little red point on the subject and then reframe keeping the button pressed half-way down. This is vital when there is so much other stuff around the face which could influence the focusing system if the zone is too large.

A final aesthetic point, although I've probably spelt that wrongly: the face is nicely framed on all sides by leaves, shadows or shutters, and is placed slightly off to the right (as much as I was able to) so that it has a plenty of the shot 'in front' of it to 'look into'.

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bluedenim said...

i think I might know this...
is it a cafe or restaurant


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