Monday, April 30, 2007

Rush Hour

A lovely creative psycho-blur this one! Don't forget that blur is a creative element to be used as you judge fit - if you feel it's right, do it, but you have to choose to use it, otherwise it's just an out-of-focus pic that anyone could have messed up...

Of course, there are limits. If the blur is so pronounced that you can't actually see what the reality was, or if the blur doesn't ADD something (such as emotion, a sense of being there, movement which was actually going on...) then the decision to use it was flawed.

In this case I hope that you can see that the picture was of people, a family, hurrying to catch the RER (one of the French train systems), and you get nice impressions of the carriages on the left, the family moving, the little girl (?) being pulled along, and the typical tourist or day-trippers' backpacks. Not to mention other feelings of being there such as the harsh (but softened here) omnipresent artificial lighting and the common underground scene of people rushing captured by the photographer who maybe was rushing also!
© 2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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lynn said...

Hi there! Thanks for coming to Cheltenham, i love your images! So interesting and arty. I shall definitely be back.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks Lynn! I must say, humbly, that I love being in Paris, and that you have something of a challenge to make a town with a less spectacular reputation interesting.

But with lots of imagination you can make good images anywhere and what you have is the advantage of the countryside to inspire you.

By the way, we have done a pic almost the same! You pic of a coffee cup is almost exactly the same as a photo on my blog from April. Great minds think alike!

Thanks for visiting :-)


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