Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Snailed Under

Always been a bit of a bugbear this one for me, this French propensity for putting these slimy slithering things into their mouths, whatever they might claim about the invigorating (camouflaging?) effects of garlic, butter, salt and parsley. I mean, shouldn't they be slooping around the garden eating my mother's daffodils, and what happens if you get an antenna stuck between your teeth... eugheugh!
The shot was taking in a low-lit restaurant with a not-so-amazing camera on a not-so-high res setting. What's more it was pushed up to ISO 1600 (which increases sensitivity, thereby allowing you to take pics in dim situations) trying not to use flash, which as you know I rarely appreciate, but a high ISO does degrade the image. This is the result.
Luckily, my policy is that the image is what it is, and doesn't have to answer to anyone if the artist has decided that's how it's going to me. A great policy, I think! To top it off I've played around slightly with it on the computer and I'm reasonably happy with the result, but more for the image than for its quality. I'm a firm believer that the image should be made before pressing the shutter button. Call me old school, but that's the way I learnt, back in the days when every 'click' cost money, and don't forget the old computer adage 'rubbish in, rubbish out'!
And I also look after...


Marlene said...

very funny! thanks for reminding the goods tips for a good photo. agree with you, the shot has to be a good one before playing on the computer. allez sab, des photos, des conseils, des photos! j espere que mon commentaire va apparaitre cette fois-ci! a moins que tu mettes encore un veto dessus puisque les commentaires doivent etre approuves par l auteur du blog! cos i don t remember you practising censorship!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Salut Marlene!

Thanks for the comment. I probably missed your other one. I appreciate it - my photo blog has to get known again after it layed low for a while! Many many more photos of Paris to come - thanks for the encouragement!


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