Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This Way Up

You want statues? I'll give you statues. Paris is full of the darn things! And therein lies a problem... how on earth do you take an interesting and, dare we hope for it, an original photo of a mouldy old statue?

Good question. I generally rack my brains to come up with something which is a little bit better than a point and shoot shot, calling on all my armoury of tricks and techniques and applying any or all of whichever seem most appropriate - is that vague enough?!

Specifically here, although it's a pretty straightforward shot and difficult to be creative, I've tilted the camera to add dynamism and more dramatic angles of the arms and the sword in relation to the rectangular frame. The finger is nicely isolated in the corner, pointing symbolically skyward, and the now-downward-sloping sword along with the eyes suggest at some hapless prey or non-sympathiser (oops, sorry) about to be chopped up or driven through... (I'll show you who that might be in a variation on this shot later in this blog) Finally, I've made sure the contrast and saturation are pleasing and chosen a nice warm orangy-sepia type of hue which I'm particularly partial to.

What do you think?

© 2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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