Thursday, April 12, 2007

Walk Across The Rooftops

Probably quite a few of you can tell me straight away where this was taken from! Of course, from the steps of Montmartre in front of Sacré Coeur.

With the sort of incredible detail there is in this view I really regretted, in retrospect, not having my tripod with me, which is really essential to produce a professional-quality shot of this type of scene. But... I didn't have it but took the shot anyway (ALWAYS take the shot - you never know...) and managed to sharpen it up on the computer afterwards to acceptable quality for this size display.

You should always choose your resolution and level of compression to match how you want to display the picture later. Showing it on a web page is very different from printing it large on photo paper - the latter should be taken in much higher quality if you want to be completely satisfied with the result.

I've got a bit of a thing about Parisian roofs - they're lovely. All that grey metal and orangy chimney pots - marvellous (not so easy to see here - try clicking on the photo to see if the slightly larger version on the web site is better).
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